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Marketability :

Briquettes are famously known as White Coal. White Coal Fuel is used as an ideal substitute for coal, wood logs, husk and other conventional fuels for heating steam generation. We are among the leading White Coal Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The demand of white coal has emerged from the shortage of conventional fuels like coal, oil, wood, etc. The shortage of this conventional fuel is increasing day by day which indicates a golden future for alternative fuel.

Due to the necessity of pollution free environment, the product has a huge scope of marketing. The briquettes can be used as a substitute of any fuel in different fields.

As the need of pollution free environment, the product has a large scope of marketing. The briquettes can be used as a substitute of any fuel in following fields:
  • Boilers : It can be used in the boilers of Paper Mills, Sugar Mills, Dyeing houses, leather, lamination industries, Vanaspati units, Food Processing Units, Oil Extraction Units, Solvent Extraction Plant and many other plants and industries..
  • Furnace & Foundries: It can be used for metal heating & melting (where melting point is less than 1000d/cel.)
  • Brick Kilns: It is the total, substitute of steam coal.
  • Residential & Commercial Heating: For winter heating in Cold areas and Hotels, Canteens, Cafeterias and house hold kitchen appliances etc.
Incentives  :

Economical than other fuels

Briquettes are efficient as compared to the other fuels because it contains low moisture, low ash and high density. It is very easy for handling and transporting storage. It is cheaper than heavy furnace oil, steam coal fire wood etc.

Incentives by the Government: ( Depending on State Government Rules )
The government of India has determined to promote this project by providing incentives for installing such plants to the entire printers engaged in developing alternative energy source

  • The major incentives are:
  • 100% Depreciation: The total value of plant and machinery is allowed to be depreciated in the first year.
  • Excise Exemption:  The solid fuel briquettes are completely exempted from Excise duty. The Government is also considering exemption in the case of plant and machinery.
  • Sales Tax Exemption: The various states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi & Pondicherry have exempted solid fuels briquettes from sales tax. Other states are also considering the same and many states and offering sales tax exemption in backward area.
  • No Licenses: The whole industry of non conventional energy sources has been exempted for obtaining any license for pollution.
  • Income tax Exemption for first five years.
  • The Central and State Government give subsidies.
  • Low rate of interest from govt. financial institutions.
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