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How to Briquette the Bio-Mass?

The briquettes are shaped by briquetting machines. The briquetting machine and its auxiliary parts are developed by Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools. Briquttes can be made from wood, Charcoal & Coal.  Moreover millions of agricultural wastes are generated which either destroyed or burnt inefficiently in loose form are causing air pollution. All the waste are recycled and produce renewable source of energy by converting biomass waste into high density - fuel briquettes.

Briquetting plants set so far in India are using Saw Dust, Bamboo dust, Bagasse, Cotton Stalk, Coffee husk, Groundnut Shell, Mustard Husk/Stalk, Pine Needles, Rice Husk, Sugar Mill Waste, Jute waste, Coir pith and other wastes & residues like Castor Shell, Red Gram Stalk, Tobacco stem, Tea Waste, Sander Dust, Tree Bark, Wild Grasses & Shrubs. Briquettes are the only binding.

The raw material used to briquette the biomass consist of Groundnut Shell, Saw Dust, Coir Pith, Sugarcane Bagasse, Coffee Husk, Tobacco stems, Charcoal Powder which are used according to the clients requirements. It is briquetted in mixed form also.


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  • Raw material like Saw Dust Is screened and stalk (Forest & Agro waste) are chopped by cutter chipper cum Grinder (Single Action) if the raw material size is larger than 25mm
  • For using material of two or more types, It should be mixed in suitable form.
  • If raw material has high moisture it should be reduced by Sun drying or using flash drier. Say if the moisture level is higher than 15% there would be a requirement of Dryer.
  • Hammer mill grinder is used to grind the material to get desired grain size.
  • Raw material (desired grain size) is transported by pneumatic system to holding bins fixed over Briquetting Press.
  • By Screw conveyor, material is discharged from bin to the press.
  • Material is compressed by ram through taper bored die. By compression temperature is raised & lignin come to the surface and binds the material by its natural binder.
  • Briquettes are formed in shape of log and it is automatically pushed through cooling line to the storage point.
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