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Briquetting plant is a skill to convert all types of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste into solid fuel. Briquettes are formed in cylindrical logs using high mechanical pressure without the use of chemical or binder. Briquetting Plant is a substitute to conventional fossil fuels and can be globally for different manufacturing facilities such as boilers, furnaces and kilns. Bio-Briquette is an eco-friendly solid bio-fuel which helps to reduce pollution, leading to green environment and saving foreign exchange.

Briquetting works on the basic concept of Wealth from Waste. Agricultural waste is converted to solid bio-fuel by farmers by installation of the Briquetting plant.

Briquettes are produced from agricultural waste/biomass and are a fairly good substitute for coal, lignite, firewood. They are successfully used to replace coal and firewood by conversion of agricultural waste into solid form, by applying heavy mechanical pressure. Due to existence of solid form lignin in the agro-waste which acts as a natural binder there is no need to add chemicals or any other foreign substance to the process.

The briquette material is thus not modified or altered chemically in any manner. This Project is called “Biomass Briquetting Plant. The viability of manufacturing briquettes is tremendous as the demand of energy is increasing day by day and vise versa the supply of natural fossil fuel is limited. The Biomass Briquetting is the best renewable energy for healthy environment and economy. The total payback period of the project is approx. 2 year. It’s a completely Eco-friendly green energy project.

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