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  Country Wise Availability Of Raw Material
Country Name
  Palm husk Rice husk char
  Rice husk Saw Dust
  Labakshi Lantana
  Banmara Water hyacinth
  Agerntum Ficus
  Thakalkanda Katra Ghass
  Cotton Husk Saw Dust
Saw dust, Other Agro waste
  Corn cob
  Corn cob waste
  Ceder cones
  Saw Dust ,Wood Chips
  Saw Dust,Vineyard waste, Cottan Husk ,Wood Chips
  Ghass ,bark, Oliveyard waste Rice Husk,chips and woody materials ,
Straw and Husk
  Rice husk Rice char [ash]
  Rice stem Rice Busha
  Saw Dust Rubber Wood Dust
  Amla Seed Almonds
  Babool Bagasse
  Bamboo dust Bark
  Beehive briq. Besaram
  Cashew shell Castor seed shell
  Coconut shell Coffee husk
  Coir pitch Cotton shells
  Jute waste Paddy Straw
  Palm Husk Rice husk
  Saw dust Soyabean husk
  Sugarcane Tea waste
  Tobacco waste Wheat stalk
  Corn cob Corn cob waste
  Mustard Stalk Mustard Shell
  Wood Chips Sunflower Stalk
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