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Benefits Of Bio-Mass Briquettes:

Briquettes are used to substitute the fuels like coal, wood to give thermal power; the demand for it is increasing rapidly. As our country is agro-based, the raw materials are available in abundance. So there is no fright about the availability of raw materials.

Briquettes are generally produced near the consumption centers and supplies do not depend on erratic transport from long distances. They are cheaper than coal and contains low amount of ash content (2-10% as compared to 20-40% in coal). It cannot replace Oil, coal or lignite if once used. Briquettes do not emit smoke with sulfur or phosphorus and does not pollute the environment. They are easy to store, pack and hygienic to handle..

With the high demand for bio-mass briquettes across the globe, industries are waking up to its benefits.  A Briquette is an Ideal Fuel due to Eco friendly and Renewable Energy Fuel. The speedy viability of the project within a time frame of two years makes it more investment friendly. Governments are sparing no efforts to promote bio-mass briquettes by way of slew of tax benefits and financial incentives to boost the usage of bio-briquettes as alternate source of renewable energy.
  • Rising demand due to rising cost of fossil fuel.
  • Renewable source of fuel and energy
  • Tax benefits and incentives
  • Earlier viability
  • Relaxed rules
  • Pollution free because there is no sulfur content
  • Easy mobility and transportation
  • Contain high density
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